MP3 Encoder 2.18.2 Free Download

Free Download Mark V Apps MP3 Encoder full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a user-friendly application utilizing the high-quality LAME encoder, designed for seamless and efficient batch conversion of diverse audio formats to MP3 while ensuring top-tier audio quality.

Overview of MP3 Encoder for macOS

It offers users a streamlined solution for converting diverse audio formats into high-quality MP3 files, harnessing the power of the renowned LAME encoder. Designed with simplicity, this application stands out for its intuitive interface and versatile features, including batch conversion, customizable settings, and compatibility with various versions. Focusing on user convenience and audio excellence, it provides an efficient and accessible tool for those seeking a reliable way to manage their music files.

Features of MP3 Encoder for macOS

  • Multi-Threaded: It is multi-threaded and can batch convert multiple files simultaneously, up to the number of processor cores your system has.
  • Compatibility: Supports various input formats, including AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, FLAC, OGG Vorbis, WAV, WMA, and more!
  • Metadata: Supports reading and writing metadata, including album artwork. Edit and enter your metadata with a convenient editor. Even create custom output paths and file names based on metadata.
  • Encoding Options: It provides you with a full range of encoding options. Select from all the encoding methods, bitrates, algorithm qualities, and stereo modes offered by the LAME encoder.
  • iTunes Integration: Export your encoded MP3s directly to your iTunes library. Even create custom iTunes playlists based on the track's metadata!
  • Tag Editor: It can also edit the metadata of existing MP3 Files, functioning as a primary tag editor without the need to re-encode your files!
  • File Organization: After conversion, the application provides options for organizing the output MP3 files, making it convenient for users to manage their music library effectively.
  • Automatic Updates: The tool incorporates an automatic update feature, ensuring users can always access the latest improvements and enhancements.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.14.6 or later


It is a powerful and accessible tool for users seeking a reliable solution for converting audio files to MP3 format. With its high-quality LAME encoder, versatile format support, and user-friendly interface, it is an excellent choice for those prioritizing simplicity without compromising on audio quality. Whether an audiophile or a casual user, the tool's features and compatibility with various versions make it a valuable addition to your audio conversion toolkit.


Q: Can I convert multiple files at once?
A: It supports batch conversion, simultaneously converting multiple audio files.

Q: Are there customizable settings for the conversion process?
A: Absolutely; users can customize settings such as bitrate, sample rate, and channels to tailor the output MP3 files according to their preferences.

Q: Can it be used to edit the metadata of existing MP3 files?
A: Yes! Add your mp3 files and use the metadata editor to make your changes. Then, hold down the Encode button to reveal a pulldown menu, and select Write Metadata. Changes to the metadata are only written once you press the Write Metadata button.

How to Download and Install MP3 Encoder 2.18.2

1. Click the Download button on the side (scroll down on mobile) and you should be redirected to the hoster you have chosen.

2. Solve the captcha and download each part of MP3 Encoder 2.18.2's files (Use a download manager such as JDownloader 2 for faster downloads and easier way to download each part).

3. Once MP3 Encoder 2.18.2 is done downloading, unzip the file and install MP3 Encoder 2.18.2.

4. Once done installing, enjoy MP3 Encoder 2.18.2!

Older Versions

MP3 Encoder 2.18.2

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Release Date: 2024-01-13

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